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The new version also has a new internal compass, which helps with nailing down location and elevation in combination with GPS. It also shows your direction when looking at the watch's Maps app. If you're really looking for Apple Watches at a discount, here are comparisons of the older models. The Series 3 may be more feature rich, but the Series 2 will certainly be more affordable.

So which one is right for you? So far so similar. The newest Series has an improved processor, which boasts a 70 percent performance increase over the Series 2, as well as a new W2 chipset for improvements to power efficiency and performance improvements for Wi-fi.

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Want and need, two very different things. Especially if you're not already loaded up with Apple gear.

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Outside of being in Tim Cook's head, there's no guessing what Apple may be planning to discount for Black Friday. Traditionally, the company has avoided putting on any sales itself, but third party retailers usually deliver the cut price goods. So what could they be offering?

Again, it's educated guesses, but these items probably stand a good chance of getting a cut.

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The original, if not now the best. Getting on a bit in age, the Apple Watch Series 1 is quite likely to be reduced in price at the shops. Of course this is the most basic watch from Apple now, but it still gets the job done in many ways. Could the Series 2 get even bigger price cuts? Considering Apple no longer sells it itself, other retailers may be looking to shift stock to make room for new Series 3 shipments.

In the age-to-price-cut ratio stakes, a discounted Series 2 could be more valuable than a Series 1, even if it's technically more expensive.

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Just because Apple doesn't play nicely when it comes to hardware discounts at Black Friday, that doesn't mean it turns a blind eye totally to the event. Ta Da! Big savings with free shipping are waiting.

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Featured Sales. Smart Home. Peace of Mind. Low Priced Laptops. Year-Round Deals. Often, you can compare prices easily, and order items for pick-up after the event — much better than squirming through the crowds. Here's one pro tip that could make online shopping even easier.

If you know which online stores you'll be looking at, be sure to sign up for their online accounts before Black Friday. That way, you won't need to deal with slow loading times as servers slow to a crawl, you may benefit from exclusive member offers, and your transactions will be quicker to process.

This applies to Amazon more than almost any other online retailer. If you time these trials to coincide with Black Friday, you can enjoy all of the benefits of being on the fast-track to Amazon's best deals, without paying the full price. Just be sure to cancel the trial before it runs out, or you may be charged for an annual membership.

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